In life, as in business, meaningful relationships are what fuel success. It is essential to identify what relationships will be most meaningful and to develop strategies that will help build and maintain them long-term. This may seem rather obvious but the most successful companies and individuals know that an investment in relationship strategy is a key component to achieving success.

The Augusta Management Group helps brands, athletes and individuals create and implement strategy around relationship development and customer experience. We work to connect like-minded entities that may have mutual benefit in forming and maintaining relationships. Once the relationship is formed, AMG provides strategy, training and modeling in helping to provide the best experience possible to your end user or key public.

AMG works to provide access to:

 sponsors           social innovators               manufacturers           media personnel       brand developers      

 top entertainment venues     key Industry influencers       legendary mentors          top shelf entertainers 

luxury transportation    speaking engagements      business leaders and educators    developed clientele